Citadel Security & Investigation

Citadel Security & Investigations, LLC, (CSI), is a recently developed company formulated with over 30 years of combined security and military experience.

Professionalism, integrity, and dependability define the mission statement at CSI; whether guarding your person or your personal effects, the client’s individualized security is our goal.

We offer tailored services to reach our entire audience, operating with the highest degree of discretion and professionalism.

CSI takes pride in its relationship with local law enforcement.  Working as a team promotes further safety and security for the public at large.

Citadel Security officers exceed standard prerequisites, and we focus on hiring only individuals who meet stringent background requirements and are thoroughly trained in every aspect of their job.  Our company is only as strong as our agents, and we insist on up-to-date training for all of our uniformed specialists.