Citadel Security USA

Citadel Security USA is a veteran-owned organization that was established in 2006 by Justin and Rebecca Hale along with Co-Founder Brent Jagger. Justin and Brent are both seasoned veterans of the United States Army with over 30 years of combined experience in security, personal protection, investigations, loss control, and military operations. Rebecca brings an extensive background in personnel management, human resources, and financial operations. Rebecca has over 15 years in management ranging from small franchised corporations to large fortune 500 companies. It is because of the foundation created by Citadel ownership that our company has set the standard for security operations.

Citadel Security USA is committed around the clock to providing top quality uniformed security services, personal protection, and investigations to those searching for a security corporation with responsive ownership, shatterproof integrity, and sound judgment. Our organization provides professional security services for a wide spectrum of organizations including governmental agencies, large industry, utility infrastructure, commercial/retail centers, healthcare, and residential buildings.

Citadel was founded on the strong fundamental core principals of integrity and professionalism and a driving commitment to the client. These essential elements have propelled CSI from a 3 person operation to approximately 75 full and part-time employees. CSI currently provides security for clients throughout the United States without forgetting that each client deserves hands-on management that is available at all times. In short, they have created the fastest growing security company while maintaining only the highest values and commitment to both our clients and employees.