Bodyguard Group

Colorado Executive Protection


Hire well-trained executive protection with integrity. Our team will ensure your personal safety from any type of threat. We work throughout the Rocky Mountain region but Vail and Aspen executive protection is our speciality.

The Citadel Security Bodyguard Group is a full-service, security firm specializing in executive protection, training, and security. Our mission is to protect clients from any type of threat, invasion of privacy, random crime, and unnecessary embarrassment. Our firm’s philosophy and techniques are based on several federal and corporate approaches to executive protection. We have adopted a company policy from successful organizations to develop a proven method of proactive protection. Like the Secret Service, the best individuals are proactive, clean cut, intelligent, articulate, educated professionals that are trained to PREVENT a threat to your welfare. Our firm does not believe in the stereotypical 400-pound guys that are usually working as bouncers or bounty hunters and “sidelining” as a Bodyguard and most likely lacking the specialized training. These “bodyguards” are only able to REACT to a threat which increases liability and potential harm to the client. With our approach is decreases the liability and increases safety working by the same guidelines that have been a proven method of protection for decades.

Citadel Security Bodyguard Group benefits from offices and partners in a multitude of cities for key local resources. Even before the client arrives at a location, Citadel Security agents inspect the area to assess threats and prepare a comprehensive security plan.

To minimize any potential threat to clients and their family, Citadel Security utilizes a variety of techniques and procedures based on the protocols used by several different governmental agencies. Citadel Security’s Executive Protection Agents are trained and experienced to minimize risk while maintaining a daily routine.

Citadel Security offers other services including uniformed and armed security, estate, event, and residential security, security consulting services, and security training.