Craig Sjoerdsma, COO

As a retired Law Enforcement officer Craig is directly in charge of operations within the company. Serving as a Deputy Sheriff in multiple states Craig has a wide knowledge of experience working with the community and employees. After serving as a Deputy Sheriff for several years Craig is a direct liaison between our company and local law enforcement agencies. During his law enforcement career he has received training and certification in SFST (DUI detection), Multi-jurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force training, Human Trafficking, Reid interviewing and Interrogation, Harassment/Diversity training and Identity Theft training, just to name a few.  While serving as a Peace Officer, Craig was awarded the Life Saving Award from Eagle County Sheriff’s Department in February of 2007 for his dedication in the efforts of protecting a life. As many officers are trained to protect lives fortunately only a few are put to the test and as a result Craig relied on his training in order to save a life. Along with Craig’s law enforcement career he has over 6 years of security experience with the United States Air Force where he was responsible for flight-line and airplane security. Craig has received several commendations for his hard work and dedication to his job and his country through the United States Air Force. Craig brings a high level of experience and knowledge to the CSI team and with that is directly responsible for the overall operations for Citadel Security.